Maroc - Marrakech Streets

Our journey trough Maroc started and ended in Marrakech. And while it offers many nice places like the Djemaa el Fna, in the end we enjoyed the rest of Maroc much more. Tourism is so big in Marrakech, it seems to be becoming an issue.

Maroc - Marrakech Places

When you pay to enter one of the many sites that Marrakech has to offer, you can finally enjoy some silence and peace. Except for half naked tourists running trough your picture (not depicted).

Maroc - Hassan II Mosque

The largest mosque in Africa is quite impressing. It features the worlds tallest minaret with 210 meters height. The mosque is located just at the shore in Casablanca. Personally, I was really pleased with the mosaics.

Maroc - Rabat

Our third stop in Maroc was Rabat. And while it is the capital of Maroc, there isn't that much to see. Tourism isn't big in Rabat.

Maroc - Fez

Easily the most beautiful traditional Medina that we saw while in Maroc.
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