Hands On Sigma 14mm part 2: The real world

Today I had to try out the new Sigma 14mm f 1.8 on a job. And I was quite pleased with the results.

The first shot was of a DJ with very little space behind him. I like the bokeh wide open, and the perspective is unique. Sadly that was at the entry of the festival, and there were no more lines of people waiting, so the poor DJ was quite alone ;)

The I had some free minutes to shoot a rather small act of the festival: SXTN from Berlin. The had a lot of power and a nice dynamic with the crowd so it was a lot of fun to shoot. I did not intend to use this lens a lot for stage photography, but for this smaller venue it worked quite well. The distance to the crowd was very small. Again, I like the blurred background in some of these shots, and that is only possible with a very wide aperture like this lens has. As you might see those are heavily processed, i actually increased the vignetting in post.

Until now all images were taken at f 1.8, the next one is f 2.8:

Razor sharp at f 2.8 on the 5DSR. What's not to like about that.

Feel free to download full resolution jpgs and  unprocessed raw files: Download

For some more shots of the good looking girls head over here. Some of those shots are cropped though, and some are with the equally excellent Sigma 50mm 1.4 on a 5dIV.

Hands On Sigma 14mm 1.8

As you may know, the new Sigma 14mm 1.8 was just released, and I was lucky enough to get my hand on a production copy. As of now there is not many real world shots to find for this lens, so I thought I might help you guys out a bit.

All shots are taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV. At the end you can find a download link for the full resolution jpgs (exported from Lightroom with no adjustments) and the raw files.

Lets start with astrophotography, since it seems everyone is asking if this lens is suited for it. All shots taken at f 1.8, around 15s exposure.

So far ok, the lens works. Another one:

Detail from the top left of the frame:

I guess it's ok for f 1.8. One more with detail top left and top right:

Honestly, I found it hard to focus. When I focused in the middle of the frame, the corners were worse than that. And each corner seemed to need a slightly different focus to get optimal results. In the end, I am not qualified enough to give out any judgment, but feel free to download the full resolution jpg and raw files at the bottom of the page.

Lets continue with a shot wide open at f 1.8 and 1/8000s exposure:

Then the same shot with f 5.6 and 1/1000s exposure:

While not the best shot to measure actual vignetting, for me it was more about finding out if it feels too distracting or not. And I am quite pleased. In any case, as soon as the profiles are out we can of course reduce the vignetting in post.

Next I want to look at Bokeh. One use case I intend to use this lens for is environmental portraits at weddings. I focused on the little wooden owl at a distance of about 2m (the closest i can imagine doing an environmental portrait with this lens). As expected with 14mm on fullframe, the dof is not that thin:

Take a closer look:

This looks perfect for my intended use case: the background is only a little bit blurred, but very smoothly.

Let's look at Flaring:

Altough some flaring is visible, I find the results absolutely acceptable for my needs. Download links: RAW / JPG (obviously I reserve the copyright)

If you would like some other test shoots, don't hesitate to write me an email. This evening I will try to do some astrophotography. And then the next two days I will shoot an event where I hope to get some shots with this new lens.